Piano Studio Policy
(Effective May 19, 2018)

*Note a Change for this coming year:   Registration Fee starting  2018 will be $80.

• First trial lesson is free.
• Rates are given at the beginning of first interview for new students
• Rates are subject to change and renewal at the beginning of each Fall Semester for current students.
• Rates may also be negotiable if student qualifies to enroll in the music link foundation. (visit www.musiclinkfoundation.org for more information)
• Tuition is due no later than after the second lesson from the time students begin lessons for each semester. Installment payment plan option is offered.
• Books, materials, evaluation, audition, competition, festival, non-studio recitals, master classes, etc. fees will be billed as they occur .
• Late payments or returned checks will subject to a $25.00 fee.
• Tuition will be based on the number of lessons given per semester.

• A one-time 10% discount of the tuition each semester for each referral given or sibling enrolled.
• 10% off summer tuition.
• 10% off one lesson for every concert or music festival a student attends.
• 100% off one lesson for every student who receives the Music Excellence Award which is given each semester.
• 100% off one lesson for every student who graduates a level.

• 24 hours notice is required. No reschedules or make ups is given for absences without 24 hour notice. Cancellations with sufficient 24 hour notice can be rescheduled at the teacher’s convenience.
• A lesson cancelled by the teacher will either be rescheduled or credited to the student’s next payment.
• Tardiness from students will run the risk of shortening the length of their lesson time. Giving extra time for make ups will be at the discretion of the teacher.

• Mandatory for all lessons and 6 Theory & Playing Classes unless proper notice is given. (Rehearsals scheduled close to the studio recitals are counted in and included.)
• Absences due to illness: Do not worry if your child wakes up with an illness or is sent home from school due to illness, please call or e-mail me immediately to reschedule that lesson. Lessons missed due to illness (or family emergencies) will not be billed as missed lessons. My teaching schedule has enough flexibility to accommodate occasional lesson time changes.
• Parents/guardians are requested to be present for and actively observe all lessons, performing workshops, and studio recitals, unless previous discussions has resulted in other arrangements being made. The key to a child’s musical success is parental involvement and the priority the family places on music in the home enviroment. However, only the Students are requested to be presented during the rehearsals scheduled close to the studio recitals. Parents can join our bi- annual party after students have finished the play-through rehearsals.

A $80.00 registration fee is required at the beginning of each Fall and Spring semester. This will include copying and purchasing expenses of supplemental materials and the use of the recital facility for each semester. Fee is waived for summer registration.

• Theory & Playing classes are one hour each and are usually scheduled at the end of September and end of October in the Fall Semester and end of January and February in the Spring Semester. A Dress Rehearsal is also scheduled few weeks before recital day. Classes are broken into three groups—A, beginners, B elementary, C intermediate to advance.
They are designed to help reinforce students’ music reading skills as well as preparation of Certificate of Merit Evaluations, Suzuki Graduations, recital performances, and Music Guild Auditions. Additionally, students have the opportunity to perform pieces or technical studies from their current repertoire. Because time in private lessons are limited, it is highly recommended for students to be involved. Through group games and social support, these classes have been found to help students develop healthy relationships, and support providing them with a sense of community in our studio which is vital for student success. A mock CM will be provided end of February for CM Students. Students who intend to prepare for CM are required to attend all Theory Classes and dress rehearsals. For other students not enrolled in CM, although they not required to enroll, are invited and encouraged to participate.

• For students not enrolled in P3 Piano Studio (regarding students from Highlands Music Conservatory)—-if you have an interest in attending, you are invited to all the classes, the dress rehearsal, as well as participating in the recital. A minimun $20 donation for each attendance of theory class would be appreciated. (For P3 Students….there is no need if you had already pre-paid at registration.
The fee includes the use of circulating studio music theory games, test-preparation materials, and photocopying expenses for practice theory tests and review worksheets. Theory & Playing Class Fees do not include the cost of CM Theory Workbooks. Parents will be expected to purchase them. Please see calendar chart for the preliminary Theory & Playing Class schedule.

Lesson Length and Practice Schedule
Lesson lengths are determined as follows (Certificate of Merit Levels):
Level Lesson Length
Pre-school, Pre-Preparatory 1/2 hour/week
Preparatory, 1, 2 1/2 hour/week
3, 4, 5 3/4 hour/week
6, 7, 8 1 hour/week
9, Advanced, Advanced Panel 1-1 1/2 hours/week

Longer lessons and/or more frequent lessons are recommended for:
1. Students who want extra help with theory, add 15 minutes to regular lesson length.
2. Students who are playing at a higher level to prepare for C/M level, add 15-30 minutes to regular lesson length.

Required minimum practice schedule (written theory assignments not included):
Level Practice Schedule
Preschool, Pre-Preparatory 20 min./day; 6-7 days/week
Preparatory, 1 30 min./day; 6-7 days/week
2, 3, 4 45 min./day; 6-7 days/week
5, 6, 7 60 min./day; 6-7 days/week
8, 9 75 min./day; 6-7 days/week
Advanced, Advanced Panel 90 min./day; 6-7 days/week

Longer practice sessions are recommended for students who are pursuing more advanced study. Progress is directly related to quality practice time. Motivated younger students should take advantage of their less demanding school schedule to build technical skills, repertoire, and musicianship before the rigors of high school.

Students in this program will have the following benefits. Based on a systematic and comprehensive plan to develop performance skill, technique, ear-training, sight-reading, and understanding of theory, the Certificate of Merit exams sponsored by the Music Teachers’ Association of California offers students the opportunity to meet certain criteria of theory, sight-reading, ear training, and performance for each level. They will have opportunities to be evaluated by other professional teachers, and be recognized performing in honor and annual convention recitals. This program is meant to encourage students to strive for musical excellence, and gives them opportunities to share their music with others statewide. Students level 2 and above are required to take this evaluation.

The American College Music Guild Auditions:
This program is similar to the Certificate of Merit performance portion of the evaluation, except students have the option of programming any number of pieces desired as long as the pieces are well prepared. This programming can reinforce a student’s goal to program a full recital when an event of graduation arises.

• Be aware of your child’s weekly assignments by observing lessons, taking notes, and reading their weekly lesson notebook.
• Create a musical home environment for your child, which involves making sure they listen to necessary recordings on a regular basis, and encourage your child with practice to the best of your ability.
• Provide your child a regular time, a comfortable place to practice, and a well maintained piano in which to practice without distractions.
• Encourage and be supportive as learning music becomes an important part of your child’s life.
• Practice times: For beginners, a minimum of 20 to 30 minutes of daily practice is required. For intermediate and advanced. a minimum of 60 minutes of daily practice is required.
• For those with older children who can not be present during the lessons, it’s alright. Please stay informed of your child’s progress by checking on their weekly lesson notebooks. If you would like, please feel free to pick up your child a few minutes before the end of lessons which would allow us to talk and discuss your child’s progress in person.

The study of music is rewarding and enjoyable, but it is also hard work! It is my sincere desire that with my teaching and your support , we will be able to form an effective team for your child.
I have read and agreed to the terms of the music instruction policy printed above.

Agreed rate for ___________________ is ______________.
(Student’s name)

_______ _________________ __________________
Date Print: Parent’s Name Parent’s signature
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