It always boggles my mind to see the wonderful changes in my students’ playing. When I suggest they record themselves as they anticipate the upcoming excitement of recital time, little nuances quickly develop as they realize how they can phrase better. As the next students arrives there are huge benefits getting students to sit in and watch the other student play.  An informal  small mini practice play-through can develop through these in between lessons. Students at the same level who have learned the same repertoire can begin to play them alongside together and begin building pre-ensemble skills, which becomes a great assessment to see how secure they are with their playing.   Encourage them to practice walking and bowing everyday when it gets closer to the recital. Also It is important to talk about how it is normal to be anxious and give them skills to relax and focus. A checklist is helpful—be well rested, eat well, don’t overwhelm yourselves with activities that day. Play, breathe, check the body, but most of all have fun!